Daily Maintenance of Switches

Daily Maintenance of Switches

1.Daily environmental maintenance

Switches require high room temperature and environment. The switch needs to operate in a constant temperature and clean environment because of its large number of users, high energy consumption and considerable heat emission. If the room temperature is higher, it will be difficult for the machine to heat, which will cause the change of the parameters of the switch components, and the equipment will be damaged in serious cases. If the room is too dry, static electricity will occur, which threatens the safety of the switch.

According to the regulations, the temperature and humidity of the machine room need to be measured strictly by a thermometer. When necessary, air conditioning and humidifier can be installed to adjust the temperature and humidity. Fire prevention and dust prevention measures should also be taken.

2.Software and hardware maintenance

Professional switchboard maintenance personnel are on duty every day to check the functions of software and hardware. Besides recording the environmental temperature and humidity in the room, they should check whether the input voltage and output voltage, current, frequency and other indicators are within the normal range of operation, test whether the signals of various sound sources are normal, and check the spare parts. Whether spare parts, tools and instruments are complete or not, fully understand the working conditions of each system, and make good records and checks. Periodically do a good job in the overall anti-virus work of servers and maintenance terminals to ensure the safe operation of the servers.

3.Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is to collect all kinds of data needed by switches by means of checking, measuring and spot checking, and to classify and analyze the data professionally, so as to put forward specific methods and measures for eliminating hidden dangers of switches. In peacetime maintenance of exchanges, preventive maintenance should be taken as the main task, and preventive measures should be taken in the near future.

Professional switch operators are required to use terminals in strict accordance with the operating manual. First, they should check the software configuration of the system or the software of the system, avoid executing wrong orders in their daily work, and strictly check whether the I/O equipment is in normal condition, especially the inspection of floppy disk drives. Correct the wrong data in time. Software tapes brought by switching equipment must be properly kept. If the switching system is paralyzed, they can be reinstalled and used. In daily work, professional maintenance personnel are good at discovering potential faults of equipment, finding out the main causes of possible faults and eliminating hidden dangers.

4.Maintenance System of Computer Room

In order to ensure the scientific and institutionalized management of the switchboard room, various rules and regulations, duty system, spare parts management system of the room should be formulated, the original data recording system should be done well, the room should be kept clean and sanitary, and the work of safety and confidentiality should be done well. The maintenance authority of switch operators should be set reasonably and effectively to avoid system failure caused by human factors. For the deletion and modification of switch data, the data must be backed up first in order to avoid losing the original data, which brings inconvenience to the daily data recording work of the switch.

5.Failure Maintenance

Switches need professional personnel for care and maintenance, often wipe the dust, to prevent ash into the inside of the switch, resulting in short circuit, causing system failure. It is not allowed to replace circuit boards and components without reason, nor to disassemble the switch privately. If the indicator light of the switch is long on, it indicates that the switch has malfunction, it should cut off the power supply, stop using it and give it to professional personnel for maintenance.

Because the faults of switches are various, some of them are obvious, they can be identified at a glance, processed and maintained, and some of them are not so clear, so specific problems need to be analyzed.

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