LS-5820X-28S-H3 Ethernet Switch

  •  H3C LS-5820X-28S-H3 switch chassis
  • Modular power supply and fan, fan included, NO POWER supply
  • Flexible port expansion capabilities
  • Intelligent flexible architecture
  • Powerful caching capabilities
  • Flexible air duct direction selection
  • Complete security control strategy
  • Multiple reliability protection
  • Medium power PoE
  • Excellent management
  • Open business architecture

  • Description
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  • S5820X Series System Features






    (length × width × height) (unit: mm)








    Management port

    1 console port

    1 console port, 1 outlet port

    1 console port, 1 outlet port

    USB interface




    Fixed service port

    14 1/10G SFP+ ports

    4 10/100/1000M electrical ports

    24 1/10G SFP+ ports

    4 10/100/1000M electrical ports

    24 1/10G SFP+ ports

    2 10/100/1000M electrical ports

    Number of slots in the service




    Business card type

    4-port 1G/10G SFP+ interface module

    2-port 1G/10G SFP+ interface module

    Firewall module

    IPS module

    Wireless control service board (large specification)



    Input voltage

    communicate with

    Rated voltage range: 100V ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz

    Maximum voltage range: 90V ~ 264V AC, 47/63Hz


    Rated voltage range:

    -48V to -60V DC

    Power consumption (no load)

    AC: 105W

    DC: 103W

    AC: 128W

    DC: 124W


    Power consumption (full load)

    AC: 245W

    DC: 241W

    AC: 185W

    DC: 176W


    Working temperature


    Working environment relative humidity (non-condensing)

    10% to 90%

    Exchange capacity


    Packet forwarding rate (machine)




    S5800/S5820X Series Service Features

    Support features

    S5800 series

    S5820X series

    Forwarding mode

    Store-forward mode

    Store-forward mode, cut through mode

    Link aggregation

    Supports GE port and 10GE port aggregation.

    Support static aggregation, dynamic aggregation

    flow control

    Support IEEE802.3x flow control, support back pressure

    Jumbo Frame

    stand by

    MAC address table

    Support black hole MAC address

    Supports setting the maximum number of port MAC addresses.


    Supports VLANs based on ports, protocols, MACs, and IP subnets (4094)

    Support QinQ and flexible QinQ

    Support for Voice VLAN

    VLAN mapping

    Support 1:1 VLAN Mapping

    Support N:1 VLAN Mapping

    Support 2:2 VLAN Mapping


    Support DHCP Client

    Support DHCP Snooping

    Support DHCP Relay

    Support DHCP Server

    Support DHCPv6

    IRF2 intelligent flexible architecture

    Support IRF2 intelligent flexible architecture

    Support distributed device management, distributed link aggregation, distributed elastic routing

    Support for stacking via standard 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

    Support local stacking and remote stacking

    IPv4 routing

    Support static routing, RIP, OSPFv2, BGP, ISIS

    Support equal cost routing, routing policy, VRRP, policy routing

    IPv6 routing

    Support static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, BGP4+ for IPV6, ISISv6

    Support equal cost routing, routing policy, VRRP, policy routing


    Support reverse route check


    OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, Static Route, RSVP-TE, VRRP


    Supports IPv6 manual tunnels, 6to4 tunnels, ISATAP tunnels, IPv4 over IPv4 tunnels, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnels,IPv6 over IPv6 tunnel, GRE tunnel

    IPv4 multicast

    Support IGMP Snooping v2/v3

    Support IGMP v1/v2/v3

    Support PIM-DM/SM/SSM

    Support MSDP, MBGP

    Support multicast VLAN, multicast VLAN+

    Support for multicast policies

    IPv6 multicast

    Support MLD Snooping v1/v2

    Support MLD v1/v2

    Support PIM-DM/SM/SSM for IPV6

    Support MBGP for IPv6

    Support IPv6 multicast VLAN, IPv6 multicast VLAN+

    MPLS VPN (S5800 series)

    Support MPLS

    Support VPLS

    Support MCE

    Broadcast/multicast/unicast storm suppression

    Supports storm suppression based on port rate percentage

    Support PPS-based storm suppression

    Support kbps-based storm suppression


    Support STP/RSTP/MSTP protocol

    Support STP Root Guard, BPDU Guard


    Support RRPP protocol and RRPP multi-instance

    Smart link and Monitor link

    Support Smart Link and Smart Link multi-instance

    Support for Monitor link


    Support L2 (Layer 2) ~ L4 (Layer 4) packet filtering function, providing source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP (IPv4/IPv6) address, destination IP (IPv4/IPv6) address, port, protocol, VLAN Flow classification

    Packet filtering with time range support

    Support for large capacity bidirectional ACLs

    Limits the rate at which packets are received on the port and the rate at which packets are sent.

    Support packet redirection

    8 output queues per port

    Support flexible queue scheduling algorithm, which can be set based on ports and queues at the same time, supporting SP, WDRR, WFQ, SP+WDRR four modes

    Supports 802.1p and DSCP priority re-marking of packets

    Support WRED congestion avoidance mechanism


    Support N:1 port mirroring and flow mirroring

    Support multiple mirrored viewing ports

    Support port remote mirroring (RSPAN)

    Support for remote mirroring of enhanced ports (ERSPAN)

    Safety features

    Support user hierarchical management and password protection

    Support AAA authentication and RADIUS authentication

    Supports MAC address authentication, 802.1x authentication, and portal authentication.

    Support HWTACACS

    Support for SSH 2.0

    Support IP+MAC+ port binding

    Support for IP Source Guard

    Support for HTTPs, SSL

    Support PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

    Support EAD

    ARP detection can be performed based on DHCP snooping security entries, 802.1x entries, or IP/MAC static binding entries.

    DHCP snooping support to prevent fraudulent DHCP servers

    Support BPDU guard, Root guard

    Supports plain text and MD5 cipher text authentication for OSPF and RIPv2 packets.


    Firewall card

    IPS card

    Wireless control service board

    Traffic management

    Support IPFIX (only supported by S5800 series)

    Support sFlow

    Loading and upgrading

    Support XModem protocol, FTP, TFTP to implement load upgrade


    Supports the configuration of the command line interface (CLI), Telnet, and console port.

    Support SNMPv1/v2/v3

    Support RMON (Remote Monitoring) alarms, events, history

    Support iMC network management system and support WEB network management

    Support system logs and hierarchical alarms

    Support cluster management HGMPv2

    Support power alarm function

    Support fan and temperature alarm

    Support NTP


    Support Ping, Tracert, NQA, Track

    Support Virtual Cable Test, DLDP

    Support 802.1ag, support 802.3ah

    Support USB for file upload and download


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