Security Hardware Firewall FPR4110-ASA-K9



  • Products Status: Stock
  • Type: Wired
  • Throughput: 12Gbps
  • Simultaneous Sessions: 10000
  • Device Type: Security appliance

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    Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Appliances


    The Cisco Firepower 4100 Series is a family of four threat-focused NGFW security platforms. Their throughput
    range addresses data center and internet edge use cases. They deliver superior threat defense, at faster speeds,
    with a smaller footprint. Cisco Firepower 4100 Series supports flow-offloading, programmatic orchestration, and
    the management of security services with RESTful APIs. Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS)-
    compliance is supported by the Cisco Firepower 4120 platform.


    Features 4110 4120  4140 4150
    Throughput: FW + AVC  12 Gbps 20 Gbps   25 Gbps  30 Gbps
    Throughput: AVC + IPS 10 Gbps 15 Gbps   20 Gbps   24 Gbps
    Maximum concurrent sessions, with AVC   9 million    15 million   25 million  30 million
    Maximum new connections per second, with AVC   68,000  120000   160,000   200,000
    IPSec VPN Throughput (1024B TCP w/Fastpath)  6 million  10 Gbps   13 Gbps    14 Gbps
    Maximum VPN Peers 10000  15000   20000        20000



    Original Cisco Firepower 4100 Series Firewall NGFW Appliances FPR4150-NGFW-K9

    1. Brand: CISCO 
    2. Product type: Cisco Firewall
    3. Model no.:FPR4150-NGFW-K9
    4. Feature: Cisco Firepower 4150 NGFW Appliance. 1U
    Business resiliency is job one for network operations teams. And business resiliency requires security. Your network isn-*-t really up - your IT environment isn-*-t delivering customer value - if you-*-re fighting a pervasive breach. But when it comes to next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), organizations are often forced to choose between security and network throughput performance.The Cisco Firepower 4100 series NGFW appliances deliver business resiliency through superior threat defense. They provide sustained network performance when threat inspection features are activated to keep your business running securely. And they are now simpler to manage for improved IT efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership.The Firepower 4100 series NGFW sustains its throughput performance as threat services are added. They do this by uniquely incorporating an innovative dual multi-core CPU architecture that optimizes firewall, cryptographic, and threat inspection functions simultaneously. They won-*-t become a network bottleneck or lose effectiveness like competitors when threat inspection is turned on. Now, achieving security doesn-*-t come at the expense of network performance.

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