H095-6kWh 6KWh push-pull power supply Outdoor mobile power supply, high-power self driving camping backup power supply

Battery Type liFePO4 Battery
Battery Capacity 134Ah/48V (6432Wh)
Battery cycle life ≥3000cycles
Inverter Type Pure sine wave
Inverter Output power Rated power 3600W,Peak power 7200W
Communication mode Support WIFI Bluetooth connection with mobile APP
Parallel connection Support two machines parallel together,total output power up to 7200w
Capacity expansion function Support two machines parallel together,or connect external
battery pack up to 18kWh
EV vehicle charging Support EV charging
Charging pile fast charging
function Support fast charging by car charging pile ,the maximum
charging power is 3600W
Solar Charging Input 12--150V⎓ 25A Max 2400W
Operating Temperture -20℃—50℃
Dimension L700mm*W364mm*H600mm
Weight Approx 90Kg

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