S3100V3-28TP-PWR-EI Ethernet switch 16 port 100M 8 port Gigabit 4 port POE power supply switch for photoelectricity


Quick Details:

  • Products Status:Stock

  • Ports:28

  • Transmission Rate:10/100/1000Mbps

  • Function:LACP, POE, QoS, SNMP, Stackable, VLAN Support

  • Communication Mode:Full-Duplex

  • Certification:RADIUS

  • Switch Capacity:128Gbps

  • Brand Name:H3C

  • Model Number:LS-3100V3-28TP-PWR-EI

  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

  • Warranty:One Year

  • Dimensions (W x D x H):440*260*43.6mm

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details:1.Anti-static bag for each hdd. 
                               2.each goods use Foam buffer protect from friction 
                               3.The goods be packed very well ,can ship to all over the world

Port:                       HongKong

Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 1 >1
Est. Time(days) 30 To be negotiated

Product Description:

Exchange capacity
Packet forwarding rate
Dimensions (length × width × height)
(Unit: mm)
≤4.5 kg
Management port
1 Console port
Fixed port
16 10 / 100Base-TX Ethernet ports;
Eight 10/100 / 1000Base-T Ethernet ports
4 1000Base-X SFP ports (4 combo ports)
PoE remote power supply
Support IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)
Support broadcast storm suppression based on port bandwidth percentage
MAC address
Support 16K MAC
Support black hole MAC
Support setting the maximum number of port MAC learning
Port aggregation
Support LACP
Support manual aggregation
Support port-based VLAN
Support MAC-based VLAN
Support GVRP
Supports protocol-based VLAN
Support Voice VLAN
Supports flexible QinQ
Support port-based and global VLAN mapping
Layer 2 ring 
network protocol
Support STP / RSTP / MSTP
Support Smart Link
Support IRF2 stacking technology
Supports up to 9 devices stacked
Routing function
Support static routing
IGMP Snooping v1 / v2 / v3
MLD Snooping v1 / v2
Multicast VLAN
Support N: 1 port mirroring
Support RSPAN
Supports flow mirroring
ACL (EI series)
Support L2 ~ L4 packet filtering function, can match the first 80 bytes of the message, and provide the range based on source MAC
address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP / UDP port, TCP / UDP port ,
VLAN, etc. define ACL.
Support port-based, VLAN-based, global ACL delivery
Support ACL based on Time Range
Supports hardware-based IPv6 ACL and QoS
Supports 4 output queues per port
Support 802.1p / DSCP priority
Support port queue scheduling (SP, WRR, SP + WRR)
Supports flow-based packet filtering
Supports flow-based traffic statistics
Supports stream-based redirects
Supports flow-based priority marking
Supports flow-based rate limiting
Support traffic shaping
Safety features
User hierarchical management and password protection
Guest VLAN support
Support IEEE 802.1X authentication / centralized MAC address authentication
Support AAA & RADIUS & HWTACACS authentication
Support Layer 2 PORTAL authentication / triple authentication
Support MAC address learning limit
Support MAC address black hole
Supports SSH 2.0
Support port isolation
Support ARP packet rate limit function
Support EAD (Terminal Admission Control)
Support IP source address protection
Support ARP intrusion detection function
Support IP + port binding
Support IP + MAC binding
Support port + MAC binding
Support IP + MAC + port binding
Support DHCP client
Support DHCP Snooping
Support DHCP Snooping trust
Support DHCP Snooping option 82
Support DHCP Server
Management and 
Support XModem / FTP / TFTP loading and upgrading
Support command line interface (CLI), Telnet, Console port for configuration
Supports HGMP v2 cluster management
Support SNMP v1 / v2 / v3, WEB network management
Supports RMON 1, 2, 3, 9 MIBs
Support H3C iMC Intelligent Management Center
Support system log, hierarchical alarm
Support PING, Traceroute
Support Telnet remote maintenance
Support VCT (Virtual Cable Test) cable detection function
Support DLDP (Device Link Detection Protocol) unidirectional link detection protocol
Support Loopback-detection port loopback detection
Support IPv6 host network management feature family
Power supply
Rated voltage range: 100V ~ 240V AC; 50 ~ 60Hz
Maximum voltage range: 90 ~ 264V AC; 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Power consumption
Working temperature
Relative humidity

SmartMC (Intelligent Management Center)

* With the increase of the network scale, a large number of access devices need to be used at the network edge, which makes the management of these devices very cumbersome. The main purpose of SmartMC is to solve the problem of centralized management of a large number of decentralized network devices. It aims to solve the operation and maintenance tasks of small enterprises that are mainly based on switches. SmartMC implements unified operation and maintenance and management of the network by means of built-in equipment and graphical operations. SmartMC's four business segments simplify the operation and maintenance and management of small and medium-sized parks:

* Intelligent management: Including device role selection, FTP server configuration, global configuration and network management port configuration, etc.

* Intelligent operation and maintenance: Including group management, equipment or group upgrade backup, monitoring, and equipment failure replacement

* Visualization: Including network topology visualization and management, equipment list display, etc.

* Intelligent business: It mainly includes user management, etc .: After network access users are created and successfully activated, these users can access the inside of the SmartMC network through the one-click arming port.

* H3C S3100V3-EI series switches can be used as managed devices of SmartMC and connected to the SmartMC network as managed devices for easy maintenance

Comprehensive access security policy

H3C S3100V3 series switches support EAD (Terminal Admission Control) function, and cooperate with the back-end system to integrate terminal security measures such as terminal anti-virus and patch repair with network security measures such as network access control and access permission control into a linked security system Through the inspection, isolation, repair, management and monitoring of network access terminals, the entire network has been changed from passive defense to active defense, single point of defense to comprehensive defense, and decentralized management to centralized policy management, which has improved the network against viruses and worms. And other emerging security threats.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support the unique ARP intrusion detection function, which can effectively prevent hackers or attackers from implementing the increasingly popular "ARP spoofing attack" through ARP packets, and for static binding tables that do not conform to the DHCP Snooping dynamic binding table or manually configured The illegal ARP spoofed packets are directly discarded. It also supports the IP Source Guard feature to prevent illegal address spoofing including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, and MAC / IP spoofing, as well as DoS attacks caused by high-traffic address spoofing. In addition, the use of DHCP Snooping's trusted port feature can also effectively prevent private DHCP servers and ensure the authenticity and consistency of the DHCP environment.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support the port security feature family, which can effectively prevent MAC address-based attacks. You can allow or restrict traffic based on the MAC address, or set the maximum number of MAC addresses allowed on each port, so that the MAC address on a specific port can be statically configured by the administrator or dynamically learned by the switch.

H3C S3100V3 series switches have powerful hardware ACL capabilities, can deeply identify packets, support L2 to L4 packet filtering, and provide source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, and TCP / UDP ports. , TCP / UDP port range, VLAN, VLAN range, etc. to define ACLs for the switch for subsequent processing. It also supports port, VLAN, global definition and ACL policies.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support centralized MAC address authentication and 802.1x authentication, support dynamic or static binding of user identification elements such as user account, IP, MAC, VLAN, and port, and also implement dynamic user policy (VLAN, QoS, ACL) Dispatching; supporting the real-time management of online users in cooperation with the H3C's iMC system, timely diagnosis and disruption of illegal network behavior. Supports effective management of Proxy. At the same time, the S3100V3-EI series supports portal authentication and triple authentication. In the diverse network environment of the client, through the single-port multi-authentication method, the client can access the network through a suitable authentication method to achieve flexible service deployment.

Enhanced ease of use for network management and maintenance

H3C S3100V3 series switches support remote device upgrade through FTP and TFTP, SNMP v1 / v2 / v3, and iMC intelligent management center. Support CLI command line, Web network management, Telnet, make device management more convenient:

The H3C S3100V3 series switches support remote port mirroring RSPAN across the switch, which can mirror the traffic of the access port to the core switch. It can monitor the entire network of services and traffic, optimize deployment and monitor malicious attacks to meet the refined management of campus networks need.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support the Virtual Cable Test (VCT) cable detection function, which is convenient for quickly locating network fault points. It also supports the Device Link Detection Protocol (DLDP) unidirectional link detection protocol, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of single-pass faults in the network. Greatly improve the efficiency of network maintenance, and practically bring the ease of use of the device to users.

IRF2 (Second Generation Intelligent Elastic Architecture)

H3C S3100V3-EI series switches support IRF2 (Second Generation Intelligent Resilient Architecture) technology, which connects multiple physical devices to each other and makes them virtual as one logical device. Manage and use from a single device. IRF can bring the following benefits to users:

* Simplified management After the formation of the IRF architecture, you can connect to any port of any device to log in to a unified logical device. Through the configuration of a single device, you can manage the entire intelligent elastic system and all member devices in the system. No need to physically connect to each member device to configure and manage them separately.

* The various control protocols running in the logical device formed by the simplified service IRF also run as a single device. For example, the routing protocol will be calculated as a single device. With the application of cross-device link aggregation technology, it can replace the original Spanning Tree Protocol. This eliminates the need for a large number of protocol packet interactions between devices, simplifies network operation, and reduces convergence time during network turbulence.

* Flexible expansion Flexible expansion can be implemented according to user needs to ensure user investment. In addition, new devices can be “hot-plugged” when they join or leave the IRF architecture, without affecting the normal operation of other devices.

* High reliability The high reliability of IRF is reflected in the three aspects of link, equipment and protocol. The physical ports between member devices support the aggregation function, and the physical connections between the IRF system and the upper and lower devices also support the aggregation function. This improves link reliability through multi-link backup. The IRF system consists of multiple member devices. Once the master device fails, the system will quickly and automatically elect a new master to ensure that the business through the system is not interrupted, thereby achieving a device-level 1: N backup; the IRF system will have a real-time protocol hot backup function responsible for copying the protocol configuration information Backup to all other member devices to achieve 1: N protocol reliability.

* High performance For high-end switches, the increase in performance and port density will be limited by the hardware structure. The performance and port density of the IRF system are the sum of the performance and the number of ports of all the devices in the IRF. Therefore, IRF technology can easily expand the switching capacity of the device and the density of user ports several times, thereby greatly improving the performance of the device.

Rich business support capabilities

H3C S3100V3 series switches support PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, and provide remote power supply to connected devices (such as IP Phone, Wireless AP, etc.) through Ethernet, so that it is not necessary to deploy a separate power system for the device at the site of use, which can extremely Greatly reduce the wiring and management costs of deploying terminal equipment.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support the port speed limit function to prevent malicious occupation of network bandwidth and provide a means for fine-grained management of network bandwidth.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support three queue scheduling algorithms: SP (Strict Priority), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), and SP + WRR. It supports 4 output queues per port, and can put packets into the output of the port with different priorities. queue.

H3C S3100V3 series switches support rich IPv6 management functions, including IPv6 unicast address configuration, ICMPv6, IPv6 neighbor discovery protocol (ND), IPv6-TCP, IPv6-TFTP, and IPv6-TRACERT management features. In addition, the S3100V3-EI also supports rich IPV6 service features, including IPv6 ACL, QoS, and multicast.

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