H3C SMB-S2610 Ethernet Switch 8-port 100M Network Management Switch Monitoring Network Switch

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Products Status:Stock

Ports:≤ 8

Transmission Rate:10/100/1000Mbps

Function:LACP, POE, QoS, SNMP, Stackable, VLAN Support

Communication Mode:Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex

Switch Capacity:32Gbps

Brand Name:H3C

Model Number:SMB-S2610

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China


Dimensions (W x D x H):266*162*44mm

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details:1.Anti-static bag for each hdd. 
                               2.each goods use Foam buffer protect from friction 
                               3.The goods be packed very well ,can ship to all over the world

Port:                      HongKong

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Product Description:

Rich security policies

H3C S2600 series switches support the unique ARP intrusion detection function, which can effectively prevent hackers or attackers from implementing the increasingly popular "ARP spoofing attack" through ARP packets. Support IP Source Guard feature to prevent illegal address spoofing including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, MAC / IP spoofing, and DoS attacks. In addition, the use of DHCP Snooping's trusted port feature can also effectively prevent private DHCP servers and ensure the authenticity and consistency of the DHCP environment. H3C S2600 series switches support the port security feature family, which can effectively prevent attacks based on MAC addresses and allow / restrict traffic based on MAC addresses. H3C S2600 series switches have powerful hardware ACL capabilities, can deeply identify packets, support L2 to L4 packet filtering, and provide source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, and TCP / UDP ports. , TCP / UDP port range, VLAN, VLAN range, etc. to define ACLs so that the switch can perform subsequent processing to achieve flexible and secure access control. H3C S2600 series switches provide 802.1X and MAC authentication methods to authenticate access users, support client software version detection, Guest VLAN and other functions, and cooperate with iMC can also achieve proxy detection, dual network card detection and other functions. Through the application of these functions, the legitimacy of users can be fully checked and controlled, and the harm to network security by illegal users can be reduced to the greatest extent.

Enhanced multi-service capabilities

H3C S2600 series switches support port rate limiting and flow rate limiting functions to prevent malicious occupation of network bandwidth and provide a means for fine-grained management of network bandwidth. H3C S2600 series switches support three queue scheduling algorithms: SP (Strict Priority), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), and SP + WRR. They can put packets into the output queue of a port with different priorities. H3C S2600 series switches support rich IPv6 management functions and rich IPV6 service features.

Professional lightning protection function

H3C S2600 series switches use professional built-in lightning protection technology and support the industry's leading 6KV service port lightning protection capability, which can greatly reduce the damage rate caused by lightning in the harsh working environment.

Enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE +)

H3C S2600 series switches support enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE +) function. The PoE power supply models can provide a maximum output power of 30W per port, which can be 802.11n wireless access points, video IP phones, high-power surveillance cameras and More end devices provide Power over Ethernet capabilities.

Green technology

The H3C S2600 series switches adopt a fanless silent design (non-PoE models), which greatly reduces the power consumption and failure points of the device, and reduces radiation to meet the radiation standards of household appliances without harming the human body. H3C S2600 series switches adopt various green energy-saving designs, such as auto-power-down. If the interface status is always down for a period of time, the system automatically stops supplying power to the interface and automatically enters the energy-saving mode. Supports one-button energy saving mode, which reduces energy consumption by controlling the on / off of the indicator on the device and the energy saving status of the port. Support EEE energy-saving function. If the port is idle for a continuous period of time, the system will set the port to energy-saving mode. When there is a message sent and received, the port will wake up the port to resume services through the monitoring code stream sent regularly to achieve energy-saving effect. H3C S2600 series switches meet EU RoHS standards for environmental protection and safety of materials.

Easy-to-use network management

H3C S2600 series switches support remote device upgrade through FTP and TFTP, SNMP v1 / v2 / v3, general network management platforms such as Open View, and iMC intelligent management center. Support CLI command line, Web network management, TELNET, make device management more convenient. And support SSH2.0 and other encryption methods, making management more secure.

Packing & Delivery:

1. DHL / UPS / FedEx / TNT , Door-to-Door. 

2. By Air or by Sea , for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving. 
3. Customers Specifying Freight Forwarders or Negotiable Shipping Methods. 
We will choose the best and safe packaging material to make sure your orders won't be
damaged during delivery.

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Yes, TFC can supply you products according to your requirement .

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Usually 30~50 working days for delivery.

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